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    Renovation I Ridinghall surface

    The second spring for your riding surface
    Renovation of the old indoor riding arena surface

    The longevity of an indoor riding arena surface is heavily dependent on maintenance. Dragging, watering and mucking out are essential! Despite any care, it can be assumed that a floor that is 15-20 years old no longer has the riding characteristics that are desirable. Often these soils are heavily soiled and the single grain of sand is destroyed. Investing in such an old floor is not economical. However, it can be well worth it for a 10-year-old riding surface.

    The problems that often show up are, for example: a too deep, dusty floor without sufficient tread and shear strength or a muddy, slippery floor. 

    Depending on the problem with your indoor arena floor, we check the riding sand and possibly also the substructure. It is possible to optimise the riding sand with additives. If the problem lies deeper, i.e. in the substructure, it is often the lack of a separating layer or damage to the base layer.

    In order to be able to make you a suitable suggestion for your riding surface, either send us a sample of your riding surface and / or send us a short video with pictures of your riding arena, the sand and riding or moving the horse on this surface.
    We will analyse this free of charge and make you an offer or suggestion for improvement. To do this, we need various details, which you will find in the analysis protocol and please fill this out and send it to us.


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