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  • grass riding arena - general information

    riding arena construction I grass riding arena - general information

    Sporting highlights on grass
    Various disciplines on sure-footed grass riding arenas

    Whether show jumping, polo or driving, many disciplines like to be practised on grass arenas. Bohlmann Riding Floors has experience with the most diverse requirements and can respond to and meet them. We would be pleased to inform you about the different types of grass riding arenas.


    General information about the turf base layer

    A turf base layer must meet sport+/protective functional as well as technical requirements. It must be non-slip, hoof and joint friendly for all disciplines. For sport functionality, it is important that the hoof can only penetrate slightly, so that tendons and ligaments are protected and a loss of strength is avoided. The ability to retain water is important for good, dense growth and rapid regeneration of the turf. At the same time, excess water must be drained away quickly and effectively. Provided that it is properly maintained, the longevity of the turf layer must be guaranteed. 


    Construction of a turf pitch

    When building a turf pitch, there is the two-layer construction method (turf base layer and drainage layer or storage layer) and the one-layer construction method (only turf base layer). The one-layer construction method can be built with or without subsoil improvement. The different construction methods enable us to respond to a wide range of conditions on site. In order to know the conditions exactly, a soil analysis must be carried out. In the case of remediation, the individual layer structures are examined. Basically, a subsoil investigation is carried out with regard to the load-bearing capacity of the soil.

    It all depends on the right seed mixture

    Not all turf is the same. The special requirements of a grass riding arena or a grass track can only be met with the right seed mixture and the appropriate care. Benefit from the many years of experience of Bohlmann Riding Floors! We will support you with your project.