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  • Classic riding arena construction

    Riding arena construction I classic

    Riding arena construction - a science in itself
    More than just a simple sand arena

    "We want to build a riding arena, can you supply us with sand?" But in most cases it is not that simple if it is to be a sustainable solution. The classic riding arena construction also relies on the three-layer construction method.

    The three-layer construction method

    The first layer is a coarse gravel layer, which ensures sufficient fastening of the subsoil. This is followed by a so-called separation layer, made of finer RC material, which is intended to prevent the riding surface from mixing with the subsoil. Finally comes the footing layer, which is specially mixed and installed according to the predominantly ridden discipline and the customer's wishes.



    Optimal riding conditions for indoor and outdoor

    Whether outdoors or indoors, the construction and the right choice of materials are decisive for the optimal riding arena or indoor riding arena floor. Please also inform yourself about our special riding surfaces.


    Create better riding conditions

    Your riding surface does not yet have 100% of the riding characteristics you want. We can provide you with some products that can be used to improve riding surfaces. In terms of better footfall and shear strength, there are aggregates that can be incorporated into the ground to provide improvement. There are also solutions for more elasticity in the soil, which is often desired for ebb and flow soils. 

    In addition, the issue of water storage in the soil is of significant interest in the summer. In winter, it is important to counteract frost in the soil. 

    We support you to optimize your riding ground!

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