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    Riding arena construction I Paddock construction

    A paddock is more than just a small exercise area
    Paddocks without mud

    As the cold season approaches and the grazing season draws to a close, paddocks are increasingly used again. Even in winter, the horses should be offered as much free running time and fresh air as possible. Unfortunately, autumn often brings a lot of rain, which quickly turns paddocks into muddy landscapes. This is a pity and does not have to be this way. 

    The construction of a paddock is crucial

    A professional construction of a paddock can prevent the mud from getting deeper and deeper, provided that the paddock is properly maintained. 

    Paddock construction is similar to riding arena construction in that it is done in shifts. However, because the stresses are completely different, a good separation layer is most important for paddocks. Special riding arena mats are best suited for this purpose, as they prevent the horses from digging through to the sub-layers. 

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