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  • Construction with underfloor irrigation

    Construction with underfloor irrigation

    Underfloor irrigation
    Optimal moisture content for the riding surface

    Underfloor irrigation is probably what most riding arena operators want for their riders and horses. Currently, there is no better solution for keeping the riding surface moist.


    The advantages in general

    an optimally moist riding surface at all times
    no dust formation
    no waiting time during the watering process, as riding takes place during the process
    no loss of moisture, which occurs when sprinkling from the air (damp riding arena bands, evaporation of water)
    Underground irrigation saves time and costs

    Riding can continue without interruption when watering from below. Underfloor irrigation is the most targeted and economical way of optimally moistening your riding surface. Water is the most precious commodity that must be used in a resource-saving way. Therefore: the water must go directly where it belongs - into the riding surface. Only then will spray losses and unnecessary evaporation be avoided.

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