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  • Outdoor riding surface irrigation

    Outdoor riding surface irrigation

    Riding surface irrigation for the outdoor arena
    Optimal moisture content for your riding surface

    Outdoor arenas are intensively exposed to the weather conditions. Especially in summer, the topic of watering the arenas gets more attention again. There are various methods and systems with which outdoor riding arenas can be irrigated. We present a few possibilities here.

    Water truck:

    If there is no water connection nearby and if well water or a cysterne cannot be used, a water truck is often the only option. However, the time and effort required are considerable.

    Classic sprinkler system with sprinklers:

    This system has proven itself over the years and is the most common method of watering outdoor riding arenas. Depending on the size of the arena and its dimensions, the arena is equipped with retractable section sprinklers at the edge, which ensure even watering.

    Underground drip system:

    This is a subsurface irrigation system. The system is installed under the tread layer. The soil is supplied with moisture from below via soil grids with integrated drip loops. The capillary effect ensures that the riding sand soaks up water from the bottom to the top. The system can be divided into different sections so that individual areas can also be controlled separately. The system can be retrofitted. It can be ridden during irrigation.

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