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    Indoor riding arena irrigation

    In the indoor riding arena sector, a distinction is usually made between three ceiling sprinkling systems.

    Nozzle pipe sprinkling

    This is a fixed, proven nozzle pipe system distributed over the entire riding arena ceiling. The mist nozzles, which are distributed at a distance of approx. 90 cm, mist the water finely and evenly. At the same time, the dust in the air is bound. In warm summer months, a refreshing coolness is also created. Riding can be resumed immediately after irrigation, as there is little or no dripping.

    Spray bar irrigation

    With this system, the riding surface is irrigated via a spray bar. This travels from gable to gable on a rail mounted under the arena roof, creating a moving wall of water that covers the entire width of the riding surface and achieves a very even distribution of water. Varying drying conditions due to light incidence or wind influence can be counteracted by individual sections of the spray bar.

    Spray cross irrigation

    This system irrigates via a spray cross, which runs the length of the riding surface along a rail like the seed bar. The individual nozzles (6) can be aligned and controlled separately, which makes it easy to divide the irrigation into individual areas. Visually, the relatively small spray cross is hardly noticeable and thus has an additional advantage.

    Underground drip technology

    This is an underfloor irrigation system. The system is installed under the tread layer. The soil is supplied with moisture from below via soil grids with integrated drip loops. The capillary effect ensures that the riding sand soaks up water from the bottom to the top. The system can be divided into different sections so that individual areas can also be controlled separately. The system can be retrofitted. It can be ridden during irrigation.

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