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    One of our specialities is the construction of polo grounds

    Fast on the ball on the polo pitch 

    Special grass pitches on which the fast-paced sport of polo is played are subject to special requirements: Each polo field, each climate, each playing class has its own grass! There are extremely many types of grass, so it is particularly important to investigate in advance exactly which type of grass is best suited to the situation/soil in question.
    Here again, temperature, precipitation, wind and humidity play a decisive role.

    The reference course in Hagen Grinden

    Through appropriate maintenance, the pitch has been constantly improved, which was praised by the teams of the German Championship "Medium Goal" 2020.
    Durability, good ball rolling behaviour, fast recovery and safety are the most important characteristics for the grass on the polo field. The grass must be able to withstand the intensive use in polo, regenerate quickly after the match and, in addition to safety, naturally display optimal ball rolling behaviour.
    In 2013, after two construction phases, we completed the new polo facility in Hagen-Grinden with these aspects in mind. After just under a year, the turf was already playable.

    On more than 85,000 m², the Polo Club Hagen-Grinden leaves nothing to be desired for its members - the beautiful polo field directly at the Arena Polo, a stick and ball field, paddocks as well as the rest of the outdoor facilities invite visitors to special riding experiences.

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