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  • For Ebb and Flow floors

    More elasticity for your ebb-and-flow floating floor

    Improvement of your ebb and flow riding surface
    More elasticity in the ground

    Due to the frequent pumping in and out of water, an ebb tide riding surface often becomes very tight in its treading properties over time. This means that the sandy footing layer solidifies. The high water content in the soil presses the sand grains together strongly. When a horse is trotting or galloping, you can actually hear the hoofbeats. Many jumping training stables find exactly that super about the riding surfaces. Many dressage riders, on the other hand, would like the ground to be a little more elastic.

    Loosening the ground

    Regular floor maintenance loosens up the floor well again and again. A clear improvement in the overall structure of the ground can be achieved by working in an aggregate. We recommend Equisoft. This aggregate interlocks with the riding surface and forms a springy, root-like structure that gives the soil more elasticity.

    Please contact us for an exact soil analysis and the correct recommendation of the amount you need.

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