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    AquaHold - the liquid riding surface additive

    AquaHold - the all-season solution for your riding surface
    Less water, less dust, less frost 

    With the liquid riding surface additive AquaHold, you reduce your conventional water requirement and significantly bind the daily dust. No additional frost protection is needed in winter - so it's a perfect year-round product - just as applicable on outdoor riding arenas as it is indoors.



    Advantages at a glance:

    Riding surfaces stay damp longer
    Dust formation is reduced by more than 50
    Extends the life of the riding surfaces
    Improves the grip of the ground
    Has a positive effect on the elasticity of the riding surfaces
    Counteracts frost

    When the riding surface is optimally saturated with AquaHold, you can temporarily stop watering in winter, as the moisture is retained in the soil. AquaHold is suitable for all sand and sand-fibre mixture soils - it is completely harmless for horses, humans and nature!


    The product contains natural minerals as well as <10 % calcium chloride. The product is classified as non-harmful, as all values are below measurability.

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