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    Renovation I Outdoor Riding Arena

    The second spring for your riding arena
    Renovation of an old outdoor riding arena

    The longevity of a riding arena and its surface is highly dependent on maintenance. Dragging, watering and clearing are essential! Despite all care, it can be assumed that a riding arena that is 15 - 20 years old no longer has the riding characteristics that are desirable. Often the grounds are heavily soiled and the single grain of sand is destroyed. Investing in such an old floor is not economical. However, in the case of a 10-year-old riding arena floor, it can be well worth it.

    One of the most common problems on riding arenas is the insufficient drainage of excess water and the resulting puddle formation. Often the reason for this lies in the substructure, whose water permeability is no longer given. Also, heavily compacted riding surfaces (often clayey) often lead to puddle formation. 
    We therefore check the material and the installation of the substructure, as well as the treading layer with regard to its composition and the degree of cleaning. Based on the analysis, we develop remediation solutions. 

    Sometimes, however, the problem lies on the surface and the riding sand is not optimal. Either it is too old and therefore needs to be completely replaced, or it just lacks some support. In the second case, check whether the moisture content is optimally regulated. If this is the case, the tread and shear strength can be improved, for example, by using aggregates. These can be worked into the soil afterwards and provide a significant improvement in the riding surface.

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