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    Riding surface Western Pleasure


    Pure joy and happiness!

    This discipline stands for: Joy, lightness and balance. It is ridden in groups and presented in the three basic gaits Walk (walk), Jog (trot) and Lope (canter). The impression should be created that it is pure pleasure to ride this horse. The horse's neck should be carried in natural, complete relaxation.

    The footing - loose yet elastic

    When choosing the footing, it is important that the ground is nice and loose and yet elastic. Of course, this depends on the finely tuned sand mixture in order to give the horses the right tread and optimum footing without them hoofing it too deeply. For this purpose, both our Pleasure riding sand and our Pleasure Plus riding sand (with additives) are suitable for particularly high elasticity.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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