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    Riding surface I Western Cutting

    the cattle discipline in western sport

    This western discipline developed out of the old cattle work, where the horses are not allowed to show any shyness in front of the animals. The horses are equipped with the so-called cow sense, which instinctively drives them to cattle work. Today's discipline of cutting is primarily about the horse's talent to separate a cow from the herd. Cutting is one of the most highly remunerated sports in the world.

    Loose ground structure

    In order to practice this discipline properly, it is important that the riding surface offers an enormous amount of grip and is loose and slippery. Here, a particularly fine tuning of the sand types is decisive, so that the loose ground structure nevertheless offers sufficient grip. Our riding sand Cutting is water-permeable and is installed in a slightly higher structure of around 11 cm.

    Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

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