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    Riding surface mixture I Allround

    Bringing all disciplines under one roof

    Dressage, jumping, western, ground work, different breeds, pentathlon...

    There are many ways to work with horses. The requirements for a good riding surface that all horse lovers can use satisfactorily are very complex and demanding. Over the years, we have developed a riding surface mixture based on our experience, which attempts to meet precisely these diverse requirements.

    The result: our Botrack all-round mixture.

    This finely tuned riding sand is homogeneously matched with our special fleece fibre in a specific mixing ratio. The mixture is adapted according to the specific requirement profile.

    Our Botrack all-round mixture is a real classic for boarding horse farms, riding clubs and riding schools that offer a colourful mix of equestrian sports.

    This footing is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

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