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  • Riding ground irrigation

    Riding ground irrigation

    Riding surface irrigation - the lifeblood of a good riding surface
    Optimum surefootedness through moisture

    Every riding surface, regardless of whether it consists of pure riding sand or a riding sand fleece mixture, requires sufficient watering. Sufficient means: the entire footing layer thickness must be evenly moistened.

    The more unevenly this layer is moistened, the more likely it is that sand will warp and shift. Wet parts of the soil are heavier than drier parts and lie better. Drier parts are displaced or discarded. Unevenness in the footing occurs and becomes more severe over time, spreading over the entire riding surface. Often, too little watering is done, so that only the first three centimetres of the riding surface are sufficiently soaked. The lower layers usually remain dry.

    Durability of the riding surface

    Furthermore, it is important to know that sufficient watering of the riding surface also has a maintenance aspect and supports the longevity of the surface. If you look at the individual sankorn, the water represents a liquid protective layer that keeps the grain elastic and prevents it from drying out. Only in this way is the grain protected from excessive abrasion and decay and retains its original shape.

    Regular dragging of the grated soil can support the moisture penetration!

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