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    LED lighting for the indoor riding arena
    Optimal lighting conditions even in the dark season!

    Efficient LED lighting provides optimal illumination of the riding area without blinding horse and rider.
    Depending on the construction and size of the indoor riding arena, an individually suitable illumination of every indoor riding arena is possible. Based on construction plans, a precisely fitting lighting solution can be calculated.
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    Not every LED luminaire is suitable for equestrian use

    The LED lighting market offers a variety of products in different price segments. These certainly have their justification. However, for use in equestrian sports, a luminaire should fulfill several special features that are not given by every luminaire. It depends on a pleasant light color. Furthermore, LED lights for equestrian sports are characterized by their targeted illumination of the riding surface (targeted light cone). Horse and rider are not dazzled. 

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    Be inspired by our lighting examples for the different riding hall dimensions. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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