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    Outdoor court lighting
    Modern LED lighting for optimal lighting conditions

    For the illumination of an outdoor riding arena we offer efficient LED spotlights. The aim is to illuminate the arena evenly without blinding horse and rider.
    Our high-quality LED spotlights have a particularly wide beam spread and pleasant light colors. They are available in different power classes, depending on the requirements.
    When lighting an outdoor riding arena, the number and positioning of the poles and luminaires is especially important! We have put together some examples for you. 

    The optimal light point height


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    The height of the poles also plays a decisive role for the optimal alignment of the luminaires and depends on the size of the space.

    It all depends on the pole - we offer steel poles that are hot-dip galvanized according to DIN EN ISO 1461.

    Why you should rely on special LED luminaires in equestrian sports

    The LED light market offers a variety of products in different price segments. These certainly have their justification. For use in equestrian sports, however, a luminaire should fulfill several special features that are not given by every luminaire. It depends on a pleasant light color. Furthermore, special riding arena lights are characterized by their targeted illumination of the riding arena floor (targeted light cone), without dazzling. 

    We support your planning

    We support you in the planning of your riding arena lighting! Are you interested in an automatic control system? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

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