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    Equipment I Riding hall mats

    The functionality of mats in the riding arena floor
    Mats as a separating layer to the subfloor

    Mats are used in indoor riding arena flooring for a variety of reasons: 

    For example, if the subfloor is concrete, the footing layer should not be applied directly to it. The concrete subfloor does not provide enough support for the footing and there is a risk of the sand, and in the worst case the horses, slipping away. In this case, mats provide a good foundation to prevent slipping. At the same time, depending on the choice, mats can have a shock-absorbing effect and thus compensate for the hard concrete surface. 

    The right mat for your needs

    Opti - Riding arena/paddock mat

    Application and advantages:
    Suitable for all riding disciplines on outdoor arenas, indoor arenas and paddocks.

    Geotec Riding Arena Mat

    Application and advantages:
    - Geotec is a special insulating or underlay mat

    top bottom perforated mat

    This perforated mat is used to fix the subsoil of riding arenas or paddocks

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