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    riding arena construction I horce racing galopp turf track

    Slip-proof over the turf
    General information about the turf base layer

    The turf base layer is the treading layer and must meet sports functional, protective and technical requirements. Especially for racing, it must be slip-resistant and easy on the hoof and joints. From a sport functional point of view, the hoof should only be able to penetrate slightly in order to protect tendons and ligaments and to avoid loss of strength. Water should be able to be stored. At the same time, excess water must be drained away well and quickly. The turf should be dense and capable of regeneration and, with proper care, guarantee a long life. 

    Different construction methods

    There are also two different construction methods for building lawns, which can be used to deal with different soil conditions or special weather conditions. The two-layer construction method consists of a turf base layer and a drainage layer or storage layer. The single-layer construction method consists only of the turf-bearing layer and can be built with or without subsoil improvement.

    The right seed mixture is important

    Not all turf is the same. The special requirements of a grass riding arena or a grass track can only be met with the right seed mixture and the appropriate care. Benefit from the many years of experience of Bohlmann Riding Floors! We will support you with your project.

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