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    Turf Riding Arena I Show Jumping

    Jumping on a grass pitch
    High and far, safe and fast through narrow curves - all with the right grip!

    The most important criterion for a grass jumping arena is grip. At the same time, it must be elastic enough to protect the horses' entire musculoskeletal system. Only when the horses feel safe on the surface and it is easy for them to work, can they perform at their best. To ensure sufficient slip resistance, it is important that the ground is well drained and that surface water is quickly drained away, especially in heavy rain. In hot weather, the soil should nevertheless remain resistant and not dry out too quickly.

    This overall package is not always easy to create and, above all, to maintain. We support you in this! Read more about this in the categories below. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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