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    Project Centre I Riding hall construction

    Best riding conditions in all weather conditions

    Experience in equipping riding halls

    Although Bohlmann Reitboden does not build indoor arenas itself, we have a lot of experience in this field.

    First and foremost, of course, we offer the best indoor riding arena flooring! Furthermore, we can equip your indoor riding arena with a range of products and thus make it complete.

    Equestrian centre equipment 


    Turn old into new!

    However, there are often customers who approach us and already have a large building (barns, halls, etc.) and would like to convert it into an indoor riding arena. The following topics are examined and discussed: 

    How the condition of the subfloor and how this can be combined with an optimal riding surface.

    How can the building/future indoor riding arena be optimally illuminated?

    How can the riding area be bordered in a way that is suitable for horses?

    How can the riding surface be watered?

    We are happy to answer these questions and work out your solution concept together with you. In this way, we support you with your individual indoor riding arena plans and contribute to their implementation!

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