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    Everything under control and above all at a glance

    Smart riding arena control

    Whether irrigation, lighting, ventilation and heating or monitoring - with a smart riding arena control system, you have everything under control and, above all, an overview.

    Automate your sprinkling intervals and control the drainage of your underfloor irrigation system for the winter from the comfort of your tablet. With the smart control system, you have an overview of your entire system and can control it with a click.  

    Lighting: Set up time-controlled lighting. Use daylight-dependent lighting on your outdoor pitches and on your entire outdoor facility (e.g. path lighting). A night-light setting ensures a minimum lighting level at which your horses can still rest well.

    Monitoring: motion and presence detectors in conjunction with video monitoring keep an eye on your facility. 

    Energy and resource consumption: with electricity and water monitoring and energy monitoring, you always have an overview of your consumption.

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