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We create various bespoke riding arenas for both indoor and outdoor areas!

Premium line

specifically designed mixture

Premium Line = the best conditions

The surface layers of the "Premium Line" provide the best conditions for supporting the optimal movements of the horse. The natural swing of the horse is not hindered as it is with, for example, too deep or too blunt surfaces or even too hard surfaces, but is instead elastically absorbed by our "Premium Line" surface layer.

The movement impulse of the horse is thus supported in the best possible way. This energy return helps the horse develop the optimal shearing force at each step and at the right point in time. We speak of the development of momentum! All of this drives the good health of the horse: it has a looser musculature tendons and ligaments are clearly spared, and tensions are released more quickly. This can already be seen during lunge work and is even felt during riding itself.

With "Premium Line" we speak of our sands consisting of either natural or quartz (specific grain type) sands, put together in a special mix, which is then mixed with textured fibre mixes or with pure tile pieces, according to your individual and specific needs.

All surface layers can be used in indoor or outdoor areas and are always mixed specifically for each customer. We can really determine in each case which detailed demands the surface layer must fulfill, making this a "hand-made" product!

The right mix is vital!

However the following are characteristics of all premium products:

• a high level of elasticity and firmness underfoot

• the horse works "on" the surface, instead of "inside" it

• our surface layers spare the horses' tendons and joints

• they are low in dust

• there is barely any hoof strike track development

• they work against the development of mould

• they are long lasting, as there is no rotting process

• they are harmless for animal, human and nature

• they are recyclable, not hazardous waste, completely non-toxic and not dangerous!


The unique mix of sand is individually mixed with a high proportion of EQUISOFT.



This changed form of "Cotrack WM Special" is mixed with the special fibre EQUISOT and special sand.

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NOVELTY - AquaHold

  • less water
  • less dust
  • less frost

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