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Unique and specific. Our surface layers

Surface layer Line


Spintrack Tretschicht

Contents / materials Sand and soft wood piece mixture. The natural sand consists of a special mix of various grain sizes that is adapted to individual requirements.

Hall / Outdoor arena Suitable for both halls and outdoor arenas

Discipline Dressage, jumping, horse driving, Western riding, therapeutic riding



Dust level


Water permeability

Moisture retention


Work on the surface

Natural appearance

Aesthetic impression



Simple disposal

***    satisfactory elasticity

***    satisfactory firmness under foot

**      low dust with sufficient sprinkling

***    satisfactory traction

***    satisfactory water permeability

***    satisfactory moisture retention

***    satisfactory drainage
          depends on the substructure

***    satisfactory surface work

***** appears natural

****  good visual characteristics

**      average

****  ecologically harmless

****  landfill

How high does the surface need to be applied? 10 cm is recommended

Which separating layer is needed? This depends on the substructure. Classically: minerals, mineral mixtures, non-woven material perforated rubber mats

Special maintenance instructions? A track leveler, sprinkler system and daily dropping removal is recommended

Price per m²/nett ex factory please ask us

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NOVELTY - AquaHold

  • less water
  • less dust
  • less frost

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