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Rinding arena renovation

Unfortunately there are many bad riding arenas

Riding arena renovation

Planning and consultation


Do you offer the best training opportunities, or is your riding arena possibly becoming a bit long in the tooth?


What makes an optimal riding arena?

A riding arena should offer both riders and horses the best training opportunities.

However they are often too deep, too hard, too slippery, or have too much or too little water. For the "too little" part we have an exclusive (liquid) solution that is only available through us: basebinders.


For the renovation of outdoor riding arenas and riding hall surfaces we are able to assist you in every way. In addition to appropriate planning and consultation we offer the full service, from the preparation of the floor right up until the project's completion.


Affordable special fibres for the improvement of sandy surfaces

Installation recommendation




1. Flatten the sand surface and then water it.


2. Distribute the fibres equally.


3. Work the fibres into the upper 6-7.5cm with a milling machine; repeat this process two to three times.


4. Work it through once with a rotary harrow for a smooth and even surface.


5. Finally water and roll the surface for immediate use.



Surface care:

• The surface should be regularly maintained.


• For best results the surface should be kept wet and even.


• The teeth of the maintenance machines should not be set too deep, in order to avoid a loosening of the 
   fibres and the damage of the substructure.


• For regular care we recommend a screen roller for textile or texture fibre mixes.



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