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Riding arena maintenance

A good maintenance regime is extremely important and lengthens the life of your riding surface!


Riding arena maintenance

We at BOHLMANN REITBODEN offer to maintain your riding surface with our own machines on a regular basis and also to determine the condition of the load bearing layer.


However, you are not completely relieved of all work, as regular collection of droppings after riding is vital for a long life and use of the surface. Otherwise bacteria and fungi will develop, which, in an area of fine dust particles (if the surface is too dry), enters the airways and supports the creation of malanders.







Equally important is the loosening and towing of the riding surface -important: the right tow is a deciding factor -our maintenance will help you to use your riding surface optimally!


But for all surfaces...

Water is a binding and stabilising "medium'. The appropriate water content must be controlled daily and, if necessary, supplemented. This is the only way to guarantee the functionality and long life of the surface layer. Should you be experiencing any problems with this, we recommend AquaHold


Track leveling

Should you wish to do the leveling yourself, then we recommend the following track leveler which has been tested by us:


Not all track levelers do a satisfactory job. In the past, self made levelers were often used, which were not suitable for every surface layer. We recommend track levelers that can handle many work steps in one go. Our partner is RS Platz Max, whose equipment we recommend for our surfaces. Of course you could use track levelers from any other manufacturer.



Track leveler diagram


1 surface layer sealing 2 holes 3 accumulations (also of additives) 4 the working depth can be set to the centimetre -important for surface coatings that are placed on surfaces which are sensitive to scratches such as bitumen, synthetic raster layers, etc 5 the teeth actually "stir" the surface; thoroughly mixing and loosening the surface layer (separating layer and substructure remain untouched) 6 leveling of holes, accumulations, hoof strikes, etc. 7 further crumbling, homogenising and leveling of the loosened surface layer 8 here: a separating layer of modern raster laths 9 substructure


Thorough long term maintenance for all riding surfaces: loosening, mixing, smoothing and crumbling in one rapid work process. Our special maintenance equipment possesses guards on either side that protect and spare the riding hall safety kick walls. The comb teeth are organised into two offset rows. Their job is to loosen the surface of the riding hall or arena that has been compacted by hoofstrikes and to thoroughly mix the composition (for example sand with textile scraps). In the final work process the soil crumbling roll smooths the last lumps and distributes, loosens and flattens the surface completely. After that the surface layer is again perfectly suitable for riding.





Comb teeth X X X X
Leveling shield X X X X
Crumbling roll     X X
Lattice roll X X    

Maintenance equipment:

- Platz-Max NLFF  (link to the products)

- Platz-Max NLGW (link to the products)

- Platz-Max Multi  (link to the products)



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