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Training Tracks/ Ovals

Optimal training conditions for your horses

Training tracks

Training track or oval tracks

„Holistic“ – means:

comprehensive and diversified, for both body and soul.

And precisely these are the reasons for the ever increasing number of clients who place value on a gallop track (we call it a training track). It is important, for the horse as well as the rider, to relax the musculature and the psyche on the training track and to thus find the right counterweight to the daily training regime.

because: we love horses!

Our training tracks or oval tracks are commissioned by clients who own Icelandic horse. Here you can choose between various surfaces:

- diabase

- quartz porphyr

- basalt or

- granite

The substructure comprises of a complete, stable and water permeable surface in a two or three layered construction (the precise scope can vary and will be determined following a site visit).

We are increasingly constructing oval tracks as gallop tracks or lead tracks. The gallop track in the picture has been fitted with a special sand mixture and is currently being used by a renowned dressage centre as a training track, in order to provide the horses with a counterweight to their daily dressage training and in order to develop muscles.

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