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Outdoor Riding surface

with competent planning and professional executino we creare your riding surface

Outdoor riding surface

Riding arena construction

The complete planning and project management is included in our services.


For outdoor areas we create:

• various outdoor facilities and riding arenas

• training tracks

• gallop tracks

• lead facilities

• paddocks

• grass or sand polo arenas


We are glad to advise you regarding your planning. Make use of our many years of experience in all things related to riding arena construction.


The ideal riding surface should fulfill the following criteria:


• be firm and non-slip

• have no trip-ups

• during strong weather changes there should be no ground water welling up from beneath and flooding
   the hall

• be elastic, in order to spare muscles and joints

• be not too flat, as it then becomes too hard

• be not too deep, as this becomes too strenuous for the horse

• be not too wet, as then the horses hooves can be affected

• be not too dry, as the dust can lead to horses' breathing difficulties

• be long lasting yet requiring low maintenance


Grass arenas


If you desire a grass jumping arena, please ask for one of our specialists, who will come to evaluate the area in order to give you an appropriate offer under consideration of the ground conditions, one that is optimal for a drain-able and load-bearing grass arena. This counts for sport grass arenas as well as for polo grass arenas, grass jump arenas or horse driving arenas.



Substructure of the grass arenas


We show you our method of constructif the substructure of the riding arenas...



Riding arena sprinkling

our plans for riding arena sprinkling

Mirrors in the outdoor area


Only the best material quality and the excellent characteristics of the most modern, high quality raw materials can satisfy the expectations and demands of qualified riders...



With us you can achieve the optimal illumination of your riding arena

Training tracks

It is important for both horses as well as for riders to relax the musculature and the psyche on the training track.

Riding arena borders

We use hard woods for the riding arena borders, which are both long lasting and very suitable for outdoor areas...