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Riding surfaces for indoor arenas

The perfect riding surface for your riding hall

Indoor facilities for riding surfaces in halls

Construction indoor riding

The complete planning and project management belongs to our services.

For indoor areas we create:

• various hall riding surfaces
   also for dog agility

• lunge + equestrian vaulting halls

We are glad to advise you regarding the planning. Make use of our many years of riding arena construction experience.

The ideal riding hall surface should fulfill the following criteria:

• be firm and non-slip

• have no trip-ups

• during strong weather changes there should be no ground water welling up from beneath and flooding
   the hall

• be elastic, in order to spare muscles and joints

• be not too flat, as it then becomes too hard

• be not too deep, as this becomes too strenuous for the horse

• be not too wet, as then the horses hooves can be affected

• be not too dry, as the dust can lead to horses' breathing difficulties

• be long lasting yet requiring low levels of maintenance


For a perfect sprinkling of your riding surface, we recommend the "COMFORT Aquamobil". It is a development originating from over 30 years experience in sprinkling systems. The Aquamobil is custom-made for every riding hall size and is an automatic sprinkling system.

Indoor Mirrors

only the best material quality and the excellent charakteristics of th most modern, high quality materials can satisfy the expectations and demands of qualified riders.

Safety kick walls

We enable a professional furnishing of the indoor areas with "Thermoformed safety kick wall elements!


Riding arena lighting must accomplish a lot: it should illuminate the large area evenly, yet at the same time it should create as little a glare as possible and should, in these times of rising energy costs, be energy efficient. With the newest technology and our experience, we can fulfill these wishes!

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  • less dust
  • less frost

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