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Indoor riding arena mirrors

Only the best quality!

Only the best quality, high-grade modern materials can satisfy the requirements and expectations of today's riders. Anything less is simply not acceptable. That's why the unique DIAMOND System is uncompromising when it comes to safety:

  • Extremely high impact resistant:

  • 6 times higher protection against breakage compared to conventional 6mm mirrors
  • Insulation and coating:

  • Reduced mirror fogging through insulation and coatings
  • Virtually distortion-free image reproduction:

  • Optimum reflection by combining crystal glass and DIAMOND System technology
  • Protection of edges:

  • The solid wood frame provides optimum protection of edges and ensures an unstressed mounting.


1. Impact resistance


As tests have shown, Diamond System® mirrors bear comparison with tempered single-pane and laminated safety glass. Shock and impact resistance are 6 times higher than with conventional 6mm wall mirrors. And even when breakages do sometimes occur, the strong bond between the mirror surface and back panel prevents shattering. This ensures the greatest degree of safety for you and your horse.




A steel ball (± 2 kg) is dropped from a height of about 30cm. The conventional mirror (6mm) shatters into a myriad of pieces.


The same steel ball is dropped from a height of about 150cm. The DIAMOND System ®-protected wall cladding resists breaking.


Nothing is completely unbreakable. But even when breakages do occur, with the DIAMOND System ®, shattering is prevented and shards are safely trapped


2. Individual solutions

Taking different arena constructions and individual applications into account, we produce a tailor-made mirror to suit your specific requirements. Anything is possible – from small mirrors reflecting the tracks to completely mirrored short sides.

Mirrors of any size can be covered with vertical awning featuring mechanical or electrical controls and a lateral stainless steel rope.


3. Thermal insulation

An extremely high degree of thermal protection guarantees optimal thermal insulation. The room-facing side of the mirror heats up and helps maintain the room's temperature. Heat is even reflected back into the room while the reverse side of the mirror's glazing acts as insulation. The aluminium laminate on the reverse side of the mirror prevents the penetration of damp and humidity. In this way, fogging and icing are avoided as much as possible. The rear mounting assembly design is completely stress-free, so there's no distortion - even at mirror joints.



4. Reflection

Another significant advantage of crystal glass mirrors: less light absorption, i.e. optimal image reflection.



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