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Riding arena construction

Quality through experience

Riding arena construction

Bespoke riding arenas

We create a variety of custom-made riding arenas for indoor and outdoor areas


Unfortunately even here there are rules and regulations. But don't worry, we are here to help you!


Consider, for example, the state building regulations, building permits and ground water protection measures. The demands for a good surface are multi-layered: our surfaces are therefore mixed for the optimal hoof depth (approx. 2-5cm), depending on the discipline. We use water permeable sands (please see 'sand'), which are specifically chosen for the construction of riding arenas.


We build from the bottom up...


This means that our construction method generally incorporates a 3 layer process including the testing of the base. We can create a mix with or without additives, according to your wishes. We only use tested materials. We realise that it is important that equine legs are subjected to as little wear and pressure as possible. No more than is absolutely necessary.


Drainage / slope


It needs to be determined how the water is to be drained away. Then the decision must be made whether to choose, for example, a three layer construction method, with predominantly vertical drainage and a low cross slope, so that the water can run off equally on all sides. This differs from the accumulation system, or the so-called "Ebb-tide" system, where the surplus water is removed via a pump and must then be disposed of appropriately.


Optimal hoof movements


The optimal riding surface must permit the horizontal movement of the hoof, in order to remove the burden from the movement apparatus. A surface that is too hard stops the flow of movement, the bones are shoved together abruptly, the navicular bones, fetlock ligament and carpal joint are placed under significant stress. An overly soft surface allows the fetlock and toe to sink in too deeply and places too much strain on the ligaments due to them sinking in too deeply. Furthermore the energy return is interrupted, as the horse works too much 'in' the surface, instead of 'on top' of it.


(For example: when we jog in deep sand, we may notice a similar level of exertion and burden)


In short:

We pay attention to the composition and the mix of the surface layers which make up our high quality products, which have been specifically designed for riding arena construction in order to create a high quality surface layer for the optimal performance and care of the horse.



Indoor riding arena construction


The complete package of planning and project management is one of our services. Whether riding hall surfaces or lunge and equestrian vaulting halls, we are always happy to cater to your needs!


Outdoor riding arena construction

We create various outdoor facilities, riding arenas, training tracks, gallop tracks, lead tracks, paddocks and polo arenas for you!



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Quality through experience



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