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Grass field and arena from Bohlmann Reitböden

Grass arena: Polo

Polo arenas

One of our specialties is contructing polo arenas. Heavy demands are placed on these special grass arenas upon which this fast sport is played: Every polo field, every climate, every type of game has its own grass! There are many grass types, therefore it is especially important to investigate beforehand which grass type is best suited for the respective situation or surface (soil). In addition, temperature, precipitation, wind and moisture play a deciding role. Durability, good ball rolling behaviour, fast regrowth and safety are the most important characteristics of the grass on a polo field. The grass must be able to withstand the intsense nature of a polo game, must be able to quickly regenerate after a game and, in addition to providing safety, must ensure the ball's optimal rolling behaviour. In 2013, we completed the new polo facility in Hagen-Grinden in two construction stages under consideration of these aspects. After just under a year the grass reached the optimal firmness and the balls now roll faster and more purposefully and even after the most intense games, the arena is barely affected.




At over 85.000 m² the Polo Club Hagen-Grinden meets the demands of all of its members' -the beautiful polo field is right next to the arena The polo, stick and ball field, paddock as well as the rest of the outdoor facilities invite the visitor to engage in spectacular riding experiences.









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