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Individuality - this is our strength

Paddock and lead facilities

New paddock facilities

Do you want to put in a new paddock, either by building one yourself or having us building one for you?


We are happy to advise and create custom-made plans, to tailor to your requirements!



There are a number of construction methods available for a paddock.


Important: The horses must stand in a dry area, to ensure that during rainfall the water can quickly run off.


For the load bearing or separating surface we use either natural materials, tiles or our special mats or grass checker bricks with a compensating layer of fine grit, built onto the 'accumulated surface" with an appropriate transverse or lengthways slope of at least 0.5 to 1.0%.


The accompanying fencing will be made according to your specifications and assembled by us.

We say: everything is possible!


The construction of a sand surface layer with a height of 3.0 to 5.0cm onto the metal lattices is recommended.


But we also say: one size fits all doesn't work here -an individual solution is necessary!

Individuality -this is our strength- this is what we build upon!




Lunge circles / lead facilities

The same is also true for lunge circles and lead facilities:


Here, as with paddock construction, the right substructure as well as the surface layer are of great importance.


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Horse fair

Horse fair "Horse & Hunting"

Find out about riding arenas, LED spotlights, solariums, safety mirrors and more at booth B 82 in hall 26




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