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The optimal surface for providing the horse with an "energy-return"


All additives are available by the kilo or individually available!

A number of varieties

Equisoft - new: improved mixture

The riding characteristics of a specific and suitable sand can be improved by the addition of "Equisoft". A study by FLL/FN has shown the energy return to a horse to be many times better, as is the shear strength.

It has also shown to allow maximum water retention capacity which stops the surface from becoming denser, an undesirable occurrence. The remnants of this product are graded and classified, so that they can be disposed of through normal disposal methods, as long as they have not been contaminated with other products,.

- White Flocks/Whitetrack

- Chippings/Splintrack

- other options, adapted to suit your individual needs, are also possible


A coarse, strong FLIES fibre that can be used as a pure surface layer in the riding arena, in the paddock or in the lead facility area.


- can be ridden on for 365 days a year

- does not need to be watered

- is frost free

- promotes low hoof strike movement

- is ecologically harmless

- is very long lasting, as there is no rotting process

- does not cause wear and tear

- is practically dust free

Various additives for the improvement of your surfaces are also available separately.

If interested please send an e-mail

Individual additives:

The study by the FLL/FN has shown that the addition of non-woven textile fibres greatly improves riding characteristics, including an increase in the energy-return to the horse as well as the shear strength.

It has also been shown to permit a maximum water retention capacity and to hinder the undesirable increase in the density of the surface. All additives are ecologically friendly, as they are biologically harmless and recyclable!


Equisoft - NEW: improved mixture!

a variety of tested bright fibres (which bind with the sand and do not stand out from the colour of the sand) that offer a unique root structure. This product is available as a torn (fine) and normal variety.


White Flocks

White fleece pieces specially cut for riding surfaces, also available with a root structure.


Green Flocks

Green fleece pieces specially cut for riding surfaces.



White and yellow fleece pieces colourfully mixed for yellow sands.



A coarse fleece material which is used as a complete surface layer for paddock areas or also for lead facilities, as it does not freeze and does not need to be watered.


Black&White Flocks

„Sunflocks", but in black and white, lighten your sand to a degree.


Wood sticks

These are used with our Classic Line Spintrack surfaces, loosen the surface, provide elasticity, not as long lasting as fleece.

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NOVELTY - AquaHold

  • less water
  • less dust
  • less frost

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