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Paddock plates

a drained and safe underground for your horses outside

Riding arena mats

Safe and drained


"Opti-mat" paddock

The original – often copied – never equalled.

The patented construction and composition of the Optimal riding arena plates guarantee an optimal riding experience in all disciplines.

The shock absorbing composition is not only gentle on the horses’ joints but ensures safe footing – additional safety in every situat

  • hard resistants and long-lived
  • costum-made product possible
  • grain: rhombus
  • Gummi-elastomerproduct with selected materials
  • Size: ca. 1 x 2 m,  ca. 2,8 cm, weight: ca. 25 kg/m²

The KOMFORTEX® elastic pavers/KOMFORTEX® H-paver surfacing slab

The KOMFORTEX® elastic pavers and the KOMFORTEX® H-paver surfacing slab are ideal floor coverings for stable walkways, entrances to horse riding centres, paddock entrances and exits, exercicers and tethering and washing areas. Both products are easy to install on unbonded and bonded subsurfaces. The KOMFORTEX® H-paver surfacing slab enables very fast installation and can be supplemented with our edge and corner profiles.

Technical Data Elastic Pavers:


  • Recycled rubber granules with rubber fibres bonded

      with MDI polyurethane

  • Colours(1): red, green, black
  • Surface: close-pored and smooth, eges chamfered
  • Underside: smooth, edges not chamfered

Dimension tolerances:

Length and width ± 0.8%

thickness ± 2 mm,

weight ± 0.05 kg

  KOMFORTEX® surfacing system

KOMFORTEX® products are the ideal floor coverings for all paddocks, open and free-runnings stables and pasture huts. They are also ideal for stable walkways, washing bays and entrances to horse riding centres. They are lightweight and inexpensive to install thanks to the plug-in system. Installed in an offset tile pattern, they provide excellent dimensional stability.

KOMFORTEX® products are environmentally friendly produced and also re-usable

Technical data:

Material: Recycled rubber granules bonded with MDI polyurethane

Colours(1): red, green, black, grey

  • Surface: open-pored and smooth
  • Underside: half-round knobby profile
  • Edges: chamfered
  • Dimension tolerances:

Length and width ± 0.8%, thickness ± 2 mm

Areas of application:

  • stable walkways
  • open- and free-running stables
  • paddocks
  • washing bays


Extra slip-resistant covering with safety-texturing (hammer mark)

KOMFORTEX® Safe is the ideal floor covering for stable walkways, open and free-running stables and critical areas with steeper slopes. The structured safety-texturing (hammer mark) ensures an outstanding safe step and running

feeling under all weather conditions.

  • Installed in an tile pattern, it provides excellent dimensional stability.

    Technical data Safe:


  • Recycled rubber granules bonded with

  • MDI polyurethane

  • Colour(1): red

  • Surface: open-pored with safety-texturing

  • Underside: half-round knobby profile

  • Edges: chamfered

    Dimension tolerances:

    Length and width ± 0.8%, thickness ± 2 mm,

above                    bottum


The PVC Mats are the underlying advantage. These mats are specially designed to give your horse optimal grip. It absorbs shocks, reduces stress to joints, ankles, tendon and muscles. It helps to avoid slipping, thus reducing the risk of concussions and injuries significantly. Its Tank-Dread™ pattern is engineered and structured in such a way that the right moisture level is provided and surplus water is drained to the subsurface.

  • best drainage
  • bet grip
  • stabilisation

Lenght: 1 x 1 m (1 qm)

Size    :  4 cm

Colour: black


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