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Box mats

isolating and shock absorbing


Warming and shock-proof

The box mats are versatile and are easy to install on every flat and solid surface.

The mats can also be used as wall panelling (for example to protect against damage).

The box plates are extremely hard-wearing, hygienic, easy to clean and reduce the risk of injury in the stable area.





 "Opti-mats" colouful


  • Optimal box plates bring warmth and peace in every stable.
  • The special thermal and sound insulation qualities are not only

      an advantage for horses.

  • Optimal box plates keep the cold coming up from the floor from your horses and so prevent muscle and joint problems.
  • The shock-absorbing and joint-friendly box plates also contribute to the health of your horses in the stable.




  Stallion mat

Our KOMFORTEX® surfaces feature high thermal insulation against cold from the ground and long-term resistance to urine.They are frost-proof and weather-resistant and, above all, permeable to water. KOMFORTEX® flooring systems also provide a surefooted surface with positive slip-resistance characteristics, reducing accidents and the risk of injury without negative effects on the hoof mechanism. The high elasticity of the surfaces improves circulation and hoof growth. The noise-reducing properties of KOMFORTEX® products minimize stress resulting from noise in the stable, which has a positive effect on the health of the horses.


KOMFORTEX® products are the ideal

  • floor coverings for all paddocks, open and free-runnings stables and pasture huts.
  • They are also ideal for stable walkways, washing bays and entrances to horse riding centres 
  • They are lightweight and inexpensive to install thanks to the plug-in system. Installed in an offset tile pattern, they provide excellent dimensional stability.

Technical data Safe:



  • Recycled rubber granules bonded with

      MDI polyurethane


  • Colour(1): red, green, black and grey
  • 200 x 165 x 43 mm (1/2 : 100 x 165 x 43 mm) starter: 200 x 135 x 43 mm
  • H-stone-mat: 500 x 500 x 40 mm
  • Surface: open-pored with safety-texturing
  • Underside: half-round knobby profile
  • Edges: chamfered


Dimension tolerances:

Length and width ± 0.8%, thickness ± 2 mm







KOMFORTEX® protection


Minimizes the risk of injury of your horses and protects horse boxes from damage


KOMFORTEX® protection is a robust, easy-care and moisture-proof elastic covering that is ideal for protecting walls in horse boxes. The thickness of 8 – 12 mm of this material, which comes in rolls, protects the walls of the box and reduces the risk of injuries to the horses. KOMFORTEX® protection can be mounted by gluing or screws.


Technical data:


  • 85% fine recycled rubber granules and       
  • 15% colour EPDM granules, bonded with     
  • polyurethane elastomer
  • Colours(1): black/blue, black/red, black/grey    



Length and width ± 1.5%, thickness ± 0.3 mm




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