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Moisture is a vital part of a good riding surface

Outdoor sprinkling

Riding arena sprinkling

Riding arena sprinkling: RP 50-30-4-8E

Riding arena area: 50 x 30 m
Stations: 4
Water usage: 6,16 m³/h
Necessary flow pressure at the sprinkler: 3,0 bar
Sprinkler type: I-25

(Please note: The laying of the RE pipe to the individual stations always begins at the valve distribution)

Automatic dressage area sprinkler RD 80-20-2-6-I25
Riding arena area: 80 x 20m
Stations : 2
Water usage: 6,66 m³/h
Necessary flow pressure at the sprinkler: 3,5 bar
Sprinkler type: RP-I25-SS

(Please note: The laying of the RE pipe to the individual stations always begins at the valve distibution.)

Indoor Sprinklers

The perfect sprinkler System

For a perfect sprinkler system for your riding arena, we recommend COMFORT Aquamobil. This product has been crafted from 30 years of experience in the field of sprinklers. Each Aquamobil is tailor made for every size of riding arena/hall and operates as an automated sprinkler system.

Advantages of the system:

- minimal cost of care using even application of ground moistening
- longer lifespan of your high quality riding arena
- cost-cutting/money saving with lowered energy and follow-up costs
- reliable and durable
- automatic timer regulated system

- even moisture distribution throughout using TEMPOMAT
- operates in Summer and Winter using compressor connection
- even precipitation through precision spray system



Additional Information:

- internationally proven for 10 years

- due to the invisibal hose, cable routing and delicate precision nozzle beam, there is no visual impairment

- irrigation, cooling system and humidifier using 1m - 18m/minute variable speed adjustment

- recommended maintenance intervals are 2-3 years

- 2 year guarantee!

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