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Our innovation for riding arenas

Ringing-arena improvement  "AquaHold"

Ideal for riding-arenas

Do you have problems with dusty riding surfaces?

Then AquaHold can help:

AquaHold reduces dust by more than 50%, saves 80% water on the top layer and you don´t need to add anti-frost products. It is a product which works throughout the year, regardless of the season. It is designed for both indoor and outdoor-arenas, but it reacts outdoors in a diffrent way, beacause of environmental influences. With AquaHold in indoor-arenas in winter, you are able to turn off your sprinkler systems which reduces frost damage. Your top-layer is optimally moistened. No burst water-pipes! It is designed for all surfaces which use sand and sand fibres – and totally harmless against horses, humans and the environment!


 AquaHold - advantages

• AquaHold reduces dust and improves the riding environment for horses

  and people substantially


• AquaHold may reduce water consumption by up to 80 %


• AquaHold may reduce dust generation more than 50 %


• AquaHold improves track quality in terms of resilience and traction


• AquaHold ensures that running surfaces remain moist– even on hot and dry days


• AquaHold works well at all levels of relative humidity


• AqauHold is totally harmless for horses, humans and the environment and is also beneficial from a work  environment perspective


• AquaHold has been specially developed for grit trotting tracks, training tracks and riding


• AquaHold may enable savings overall track maintenance costs


• AquaHold reduces the damage frost

AquaHold works efficiently throughout the year, and is not affected by the change in seasons.











Recommendations for use

AquaHold is intended for use on riding arenas and trotting tracks in order to

suppress dust production and improve the performance quality of the surface.

The product is supplied as a liquid solution in 1 000 liter containers and should, in

accordance with the dosage recommendations, be applied to the surface by using

existing watering equipment or salt spreaders with brine tanks. Always rinse the

equipment with water after AquaHold has been used. Treatment of outdoor arenas

may be initiated between April and September, while treatment of indoor horse

riding surfaces may be undertaken at anytime of the year.


For all user, who have no possibility to dosage  – have a look on our spray set, which

can be buy with AquaHold: 



Maintenance treatment with successively reduced dosages of AquaHold is subsequently

carried out 20 - 30 days after each previous treatment. The dosages in the

table are merely recommendations and should always be adjusted in accordance

with individual locales, climates and knowledge about local conditions. Above treatments

should be repeated until the minimum maintenance dose has been established.

Gradually increased need for watering indicates that the minimum maintenance

dose should be adjusted. Should the maintenance treatments be discontinued for

a prolonged period of time, the initial dosage recommendations may have to be

applied again. During lengthy dry periods a thin crust may form on the surface; this

is a normal chemical reaction and the crust can easily be removed by harrowing

and watering. Do not treat surfaces during heavy or persistent rain.










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NOVELTY - AquaHold

  • less water
  • less dust
  • less frost

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