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New all-rounder for effective riding arena maintenance

Ground Rake

Our offers:


Ground rake "Platz-Max-NL-FF"


  • Flexible shield with serrated band at the front


  • Two rows of castle blades 6 mm in the middle

  • Farmflex roller 310 mm in diameter

  • 30 mm bearing shaft on both sides ensures an even ground pressure across the entire

    working width; ideal for working flat surfaces


  • Weight of the roller, e.g. 2.20 m...140 kg or 1.80 m...113 kg




Ground rake "Platz-Max NLGW" -with lattice roller


Ground Rake NLGW with trailing mechanism, lattice roller


Regarding the lattice roller option (GW) of the ground rake. Thought has been given to many modern surfaces and textiles, which need to be conditioned.


    A deeper blending of the surface is of course possible, particularly with regard to surfaces with parts of fibre, where the fibre will be on the top because of not enough water. By adjusting the working depth the machine conforms easily to the respective surface to achieve the required result.


    There is a counter rotating feed gear inside the roller. It prevents the plugging of the roller by the surface. This give an all purpose tool for the professional maintenance of differents surfaces. It is very easy to change the depth of tines and can be adjusted within minutes to suit your surface.


    Type 240 NLGW-Plus

    For an additional charge the ground rake NLGW could also be equipped with a devided lattice roller.




  • Platz Max NLGW - 1,35 m - 210 kg

  • Platz Max NLGW - 1,60 m - 240 kg

  • Platz Max NLGW - 1,80 m - 270 kg

  • Platz Max NLGW - 2,20 m - 308 kg

  • Platz Max NLGW - 2,70 m - 350 kg






Ground rake "Platz Max-Multi"

New all-rounder for effective riding arena maintenance

A new model range has been added to the Platz-Max arena levellers. The new Platz-Max-Multi was presented at "Partner Pferd" in Leipzig 2012 and used in the international tournament there. The equipment rounds off Platz-Max's range of products and is suitable for virtually all riding surfaces.


A single float frame was combined with Platz-Max tried-and-tested equipment components. The trailing mechanism enables riding arena surfaces to be prepared with geotextiles protecting the floor. The alternate hydraulic activation of the leveller and the Farmflex roller ensures that is possible to vary the conditioning of different surfaces with a single piece of equipment.


The equipment can be supplied in a 2.0 m and 2.50 m working width (from April 2012).


   - Platz Max Multi  2,00 m - 491 kg

   - Platz Max Multi  2,50 m - 573 kg





Ground rake "Platz Max-Rain"


The ground rake Rain is an alternatitve to fixed spray-irrigation systems of the surfaces. In 2004 we presented the ground rake Rain-system for the first time in the dressage hall at the Rolinck-Cup in Münster (Germany). Due to the constant development, like implement is now a proven product and we sells annually more than 100 Rain-systems worldwide.


There are now various models available, ranging from 400 Ltrs up to 1.000 Ltrs water tanks. This takes into consideration the lifting power of the tractor as well as the sizes and water requirements of the riding arena. Different riding styles and the varieties of surfaches require different quantities of water. These machines canter all needs and variations. If you should have any question, please do not hesitate to contact us.



Key benefits of this system:


the weight of the water tank has no impact on the arena leveller – the conditioning takes place in the usual way the ground rake RAIN is equipped with a turning swivel mechanism. This enables an optional conditioner in corners without displacing the surface.

2/3 of the volume of water will beworked directly into the surface, only the third bank sprays the surface and

  • prevents annoying dust
  • lower consumption of water
  • low maintenance of the equipment



On request, we will take your old planners in payment.







Ground rake "Platz Max-Roll"


To make the ground rake even more universel, we developed the ground rake Roll. The idea: the arena conditioner has its own chassis. As a result of this the number of possible drawing vehicles is nearly unlimited.


The wheels can be lifted hydraulically to start. The liftet chassis does not influence the function of the ground rake. For ranking and travelling the chassis must be lowered again. The towing-ring hitch eg. for tractors for stable John Deere Gator etc.


The drawbar is rotable, so it can be attached at the top or botton. Ball hitch for vehicles eg. all-terrain vehicles, tractors, quads, larger lawn-mover or systems of EGHOLM.


The lifted chassis doesn't influence the function of the ground rake. There is mounted a high-adjustable drawbar jack castor-wheel at the drawbar. So the condtioner can be towed like a trailor.




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