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PelGround Golden Line-

three times more adsortive than traditional poducts!

PelGround Gold Line

straw product



3-times more absorbent than chipped-wood or similar litter

PelGround Golden Line is compared to PelGround Green Line, 100 % straw-product, which was especially developed for horses. The special form and structure keeps the hooves dry and prevents from typical hoof diseases. PelGround Golden Line is compared to Green Line 2-3-times more absorbent than similar litter and improves the stable and stall climate considerably as it binds ammonia and is dust-poor.


Advantages of PelGround

- 2-3 times more absorbent than wood or similar litter

- dust-free, prevents allergies and diseases

- saves time and money

- dung volume reduces by 80% and more

- good box substructure


Saves time and money

PelGround Golden Line is easy to utilize. In addition, PelGround Golden Line is 100 % a natural product. PelGround Golden Line is due to its spreading rate clearly cost-efficient compared to conventional litter.


Dung volume reduces by 70% and more

PelGround Golden Line saves you the constant mucking out of the stable as the dung volume is reduced by about 70% and separation of feces and box litter is easy. Therefore the complete muck out of the box is omitted. You have to litter less often.


Good box substructure

PelGround Golden Line forms a comfortable elastic mattress with good stepping properties in chipped wood visual appearance preserving the joints of your horses.



First week

In the first week it is recommended to remove the horse droppings and to remain damp areas (urine) in the box.


Second week

From the second week on also the damp areas should be removed. Afterwards, the wadding should be aired a little bit with the pitchfork. Depending on the habits of your horse, it should be slightly re-littered weekly.


Try to be economical!

Important is the weekly re-littering as well as a slight but regular airing of the mattress. Thereby the full functionality of the mattress is kept for many months without having to mock out the box completely.


Please offer your horses enough roughage as PelGround is no substitute for roughage. Within 1 - 2 days a soft mattress is formed. Please remove horse droppings and wet areas regularly.



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