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Our outdoor DIAMOND SYSTEM mirrors -

completely weather protected!

Outdoor riding mirrors





The Diamond System® riding mirror is composed of a firm bond of 6mm of crystal glass mirror, a 4mm elastic foam mat and 20mm of rigid insulating foam board with an aluminium coating.

The solid meranti wood frame measuring 80mm wide x 67mm thick has a 3-fold walnut coloured finish, offers superior edge protection and is an aid to mounting. The mirror is mounted in an unstressed, 20mm wood frame. The reverse side is protected by an approx. 6.5mm-thick screen-printing plate.







Galvanised steel fork masts with welded base plates are provided (according to structural requirements) for the mounting of the exterior mirror up to a ground clearance of 150cm.

Anchor bolts, screws and mounting rails are included to enable horizontal adjustment. Delivery includes verified figures for wind loads of 1.0 KN and a foundation plan.




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