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Handmade bronze/ ceramik - dressage cone caps - unique and beautiful


Our products


We offer creative dressage cone or obstacle caps for those who want something more eye-catching.


The examples shown (third and fourth image from the left) are hand-made horse heads (overall length around 32 cm, height around 23cm) and balls (16cm / 21 cm diameter) made of ceramic with a bronze veneer (solid and weatherproof), which you can order directly from us.

For those completely individual desires or special gifts we also model horse heads on your favourite horses. For this we need a couple of good photographs from which the model can be made. Our suggestion for a 20 by 60 metre square: four horse heads (two in the middle of the long side, two in the middle of the short side) and eight balls.


Jumping arena / obstacles


Horse heads on the outside posts of each jump, or a horse head and a ball.


We would be pleased to offer you more information upon request.











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Anja Bohlmann
Tel.: 49 (0) 04236 / 9430198

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