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The Bohlmann Reitböden Business

Bringing joy for over 25 years

Competence for over 25 years

Riding areas, riding halls etc.


The company "BOHLMANN REITBÖDEN" creates custom-made riding arenas.


Our own raw material resources, qualified personnel and many years of experience has made this a high quality product!


Through membership in the FLL, our team of experts at BOHLMANN REITBÖDEN is constantly participating in researching and developing new discoveries and meeting increasing demands.



The mix is most important!

It all began in the 1980s when an order for sand was placed for use at a local championship.

In order to provide the correct mix, Jochen Bohlmann used his knowledge of civil engineering and intensively investigated the characteristics of good riding sand. Today we continue to offer riding surfaces for a number of uses.

The demand for riding surfaces has changed over the years and it is ever increasing.

Make use of our experience and our know-how when finding the optimal riding surface for you and your horse.






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Anja Bohlmann
Tel.: 49 (0) 04236 / 9430198

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Horse fair

Horse fair "Horse & Hunting"

Find out about riding arenas, LED spotlights, solariums, safety mirrors and more at booth B 82 in hall 26



Our partners

  • Hannoveraner Verband
  • Dressurstall Finken GmbH

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