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An overview of our work

The following is a small extract of our work:


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Uetzer Reitclub Näder, 14476 Potsdam

Modernisation of show jumping surfaces, premium riding arena, enlargement of the dressage arena, premium surface layer, landscaping of the outdoor facilities, paddock construction, sprinkler facilities, PVC fence construction, riding hall surface renovation of the large hall

Lackas/F. Rost, 27356 Rotenburg

Premium outdoor riding area-new construction

Osmers GbR, 28876 Oyten

Premium riding hall surface

B. Schaerffer, 21720 Guderhandviertel

Premium riding hall surface both halls

H. Kühl, 31582 Nienburg/W.

Paddock construction

RC Eitze, Stahmann 27313 Dörverden

Renovation of the riding hall surface

Gut Allerwiesen, 27336 Häuslingen

Renovation of the outdoor facilities

Gerkenhof D. Ruddat, 27308 Kirchlinteln

Premium Riding Surface

U. Koch, 21376 Salzhausen

Premium riding hall surface

Bocholter Boerenhalle, BE - 3950 Belgien

Premium riding hall surface

Almased /29553 Bienenbüttel

14.300 square metre grass show jumping arena

New premium riding circle

Premium outdoor riding arena construction 20 x 60 m

Renovation of the lunge circle

Dressur- u. Außbildungsstall J. Kubelke, 28876 Oyten

Premium outdoor arena enlargement and renovation

M. Heidenreich, 21365 Adendorf

Premium riding hall surface

B. Schlüter, 21516 Müssen

Premium riding hall surface

H. Lange, 28870 Ottersberg

New facility Splintrack

J. Pagel, 27327 Martfeld

premium riding hall surface

RV Graf v Schmettow, 27283 Verden

renovation of the tournament dressage areas

RV Aller-Leine, 29690 Essel

Planum work

M. Meyer, 29690 Buchholz

planum work

K. Lubach, 29690 Gretem

Renovation works

Reitclub Hagen Grinden, 27299 Langewedel

renovation of the tournament surfaces

Tierklinik Grossmoor –

Dr. Gaus

Renovation of paddocks

Hof Wohlers, 27616 Frelsdorf

Premium outdoor riding arena

Luttmann / 27308 Klein Heins

Outdoor riding arena new construction

premium riding hall surfaces in a new riding hall

S. Walther, 27283 Verden

Premium outdoor arena new construction

H. Mahnke, 27308 Kirchlinteln

Premium riding hall surface

Bahlsen / 27386  Kirchwalsede

Renovation of the lunge circe and the riding hall surface

E. Ramsey, 21279 Hollenstedt

Renovation of hall riding surface with premium riding surface

Rothe / 27632 Dorum

Paddock renovation/ riding arena

Hof Seevers, 26969 Butjarden

Premium riding hall surface

Merkle, 26316 Varrel

Renovation outdoor riding area

Poloplatz Hagen Grinden

Complete new construction

You can find further information and a video about the creation here

Hannoveraner Verband Premium Riding hall surface

Landesreitschule Hoya Premium outdoor riding arena facilities (jumping)

Pferdezentrum Meeresburg

Eschenhorst, 27248 Ehrenburg

Riding hall surface Gaintrack
Reitclub Walle, 28237 Bremen paddocks, new construction
Sommerfeld, 21785 Neuhaus (Oste) Premium outdoor riding arena
Anlage Klaus Husenbeth, 27367 Sottrum Riding hall surface
H. Dupree, 27313 Dörverden premium riding surface
Horst Rimkus, 27313 Dörverden Premium riding hall surface

C. Kuls, 27246 Borstel b. Sulingen

Premium riding hall surface

Dressurstall Holga Finken, 27386 Kirchwalsede Premium riding hall surface, premium dressage outdoor arena, racing track new construction

Von Platen, 29323 Wietze Premium riding hall surface, outdoor riding arena
K. Ströh, 22397 Hamburg Premium ridinghall surface
Henriettenhof, 26188 Edewecht premium ridiing hall surface, new construction
Oliver Ross, 27321 Morsum Renovation of the jumping area
Scheffler, 27412 Bühlstedt Riding hall surface  
G.Heemsoth, 27283 Verden Planning worksfor the riding hall
WM der jungen Dressurpferde Verden all arenas

Pferd 24, Kohlenbrenner + Plaster, 27777 Ganderkesee premium riding hall surface
Fohlenhof Tarnowski, 21398 Neetze premium riding hall surface
Reitanlage Scheelehof, 31789 Hameln Premium riding surface
Gestüt Buschhaus surface layer improvement through EQUISOFT

Reitanlage Klussmann, 31303 Burgdorf, Reitg. Schillerslage Premium riding hall surfaces, premium outdoor arena

Gestüt Eichengrund; Armbrust, 29614 Soltau

Premium outdoor riding arena

Friedrichshof Ostermeier, 29614 Soltau

Renovation work, riding hall surface

M. Helfers, 31638 Stöckse

Equisoft delivered

Schirmacher, 21218 Seevetal

Equisoft delivered

Reitanlage Behr, 21244 Buchholz Premium riding hall surfaces, outdoor riding arenas
Klosterhof Medingen, 29549 Bad Bevensen Riding hall surface reworking
Dr. Kai Möller, 27374 Visselhövede Outdoor Riding Arena
Denis Ruf, Schweiz Premium riding hall surface
Hamburger Derby Jumping and riding arena
RV Hülsen, 27313 Dörverden Premium Riding hall surface
Pferd & Jagd Show arena and health forum
Galopptrainingsgesellschaft GmbH, 28307 Bremen special sand for lead facility
Dr. D.Königsmann-Brunken, 27313 Dörverden Premium outdoor riding arena
RV Hülsen, 27313 Dörverden Premium   riding hall surface
RC Rotenburg, 27386 Rotenburg Premium riding hall surface
Dr. Gaus, 29352 Adelheidsdorf Premium lunge circle
F. Pankla, 29633 Munster Planums works outdoor arena
Ratje Niebuhr, 27327 Schwarme Riding hall surface
Müller-Klein, 27327 Schwarme Outdoor riding arena new construction
Höhne-Hinz, 23847 Pölitz Outdoor riding arena

Karl Märker, 27374 Visselhövede

Outdoor Riding arena improvement

J. Behrens, 27404 Boitzen

Equisoft delivered

Oppermann, 30916 Isernhagen

Outdoor riding arena

von Ziegner, 21358 Mechtersen

Renovation outdoor riding arena

J. Canning, 26629 Großefehn

Equisoft delivered

Behnke, 27283 Verden

Premium surface layer, outdoor riding arena

D. Warnken, 28832 Achim

Equisoft delivered

M. Hefti, Schweiz

Equisoft delivered

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