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Quality and reliability are our watchwords

Services that convince

Consultation and service

  • Complete project management (new riding facility construction or renovation)

  • Riding halls and arenas

  • Sand and grass riding arenas for dressage, jumping and polo paddocks

  • Horse walking facilities (including roofing) Lunge circles (including roofing)

  • Safety kick walls, lighting design, sprinklers, mirrors, outdoor facilities

  • Consultation: analysis and consultation on location

  • Planning your project right up until the application

  • Delivery and execution of the project

  • Renovation and service of existing riding arenas, riding surfaces, riding facilities

  • Paving work, planting and landscaping

Riding facilities planning

  • 1. Preliminary evaluation

  • 2. Pre-planning

  • 3. Design planning

  • 4. Permit planning

  • 5. Execution planning

  • 6. Preparation of the allocation

  • 7. Involvement in the allocation

  • 8. Object supervision (construction site supervision)

  • 9. Object support and documentation

  • 10. Implementation

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Anja Bohlmann
Tel.: 49 (0) 04236 / 9430198

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Horse fair

Horse fair "Horse & Hunting"

Find out about riding arenas, LED spotlights, solariums, safety mirrors and more at booth B 82 in hall 26



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  • less water
  • less dust
  • less frost

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