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Research and Development

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Research and Development

Innovation and new ideas

Increasing levels of comfort require innovative ideas, combining new discoveries with decades of experience. Standard solutions are often not sufficient. Furthermore, the growing body of medical knowledge, combined with environmental and energy awareness, is constantly forcing us to confront and overcome new challenges:

You - as a horse lover and a commercial distributor

Us - in achieving the optimal equestrian conditions

Thus we are constantly working, either dealing with new developments or searching for new solutions and ways to improve, in order to comprehensively satisfy both our own demands and those of our customers.

You can also benefit from this!

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Anja Bohlmann
Tel.: 49 (0) 04236 / 9430198

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Horse fair

Horse fair "Horse & Hunting"

Find out about riding arenas, LED spotlights, solariums, safety mirrors and more at booth B 82 in hall 26



NOVELTY - AquaHold

  • less water
  • less dust
  • less frost

Apenimondo - International House of Horses